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Appvity believes that collaboration is key to a successful organization. Our applications connect heterogeneous team members and optimize everyone work effort. Start collaboration now!

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What we do

Optimized collaboration solutions for your Enterprise Productivity

Our collaboration tools are designed based on Azure and O365 to be well-integrated with Microsoft Teams. Our eProducts and Microsoft Teams are working co-operatively to empower the capability of connecting everyone in the organization. Your enterprise can now operate in both communication and business management within a single application.
As the modern technology is evolving, We always keep ourselves up-to-date and so our technologies. Appvity use the latest technologies to solve the typical problems of enterprise management process. Our eProducts are built with Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, Azure Cloud, MEAN stack, dotNET, and PowerAutomate. These technologies ensure the security, data accessibility, and the modernization.
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Who we are

Our Vision

Appvity provides software that served as collaborative tools to increase enterprise’s productivity. We want to help you to manage, measure, and optimize your team’s effort. Our collaborative tools are designed to work together as a completed solutions and solve most practical issues of your enterprise project management.
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Our longstanding business relationships

Over a decade, we have been serving numerous of customers around the globe. We had been solving complex problems in a variety of markets, including aviation, finance, insurance, petroleum, and others. Most of our customers have a long relationship where we demonstrated our ability to identify and address our clients' concerns by meeting their scheduling and budgetary needs. We are truly an extension of your virtual IT team. We are your partner.

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