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eHelpdesk introduction

eHelpdesk allows your team to stay in control of issues from customers and keep track of problems. Cloud based, Automation process, and Communication management are the crucial elements to enhance collaboration with your customers. Don’t hesitate to increase your enterprise creditability!
eHelpdesk introduction

Communicate with your customers and enhance the reliability of enterprise

Native tool is built to work with Microsoft Teams

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Highly integrated with Microsoft Teams to empower your communication with customers. Manage issues using Dashboard, Data Table, Chat, and Charts to keep the problems solved on time and increase customer satisfaction. Centralize customers’ issues in one Team to see a whole picture and detailed tickets.
app ehelpdesk communicate customer enterprise native tool
app ehelpdesk communicate customer enterprise manage communication

Manage communication externally and internally

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Appvity eHelpdesk is designed to manage both internal and external messages to strengthen the bond between your team and customers. All the exchanges will be stored, keep track by history, and be clear to increase the team’s creditability.

Fast and effortless process with Microsoft Power Automate

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Effective control and latest updates for ticket by defined automation process. Setting up workflow for both external and internal processes to improve the customer’s satisfaction as the system notifies automatically and fast to your team. Workflow can be setup to capture the update and support your team effortlessly in getting notice.
app ehelpdesk communicate customer enterprise fast effortless process

Practical features of eHelpdesk

The Support Portal is the central being managed by your enterprise to control the whole eHelpdesk system including setup and manage data while the Customer Portal is for your customers to submit, and keep track of their own tickets. Start exploring the features for Support Portal and Customer Portal.

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Custom & Share Views
Provide quick filtered views to get to support your customer at rapid speed.

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Manage statistics of tickets, business related in form of Charts for an overview management.

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Easily extract data into Excel to manage and beautify reports with Charts which best suite for business users.

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Get noticed by ticket updates fast and precisely to maintain the credibility.

eAdmin Portal of Appvity eHelpdesk

Manage eHelpdesk system in a single view for better troubleshoot and investigation. Appvity eAdmin Portal allows the administrator to manage and analyze the system to maintain the performance and reliability of the system. eAdmin Portal ensures the usability across the tenants to keep track and improve customer satisfaction with the smoothness of the system. Managing customers, security, and system notification to maintain the standard. It is crucial to have a quick glance of system overview to troubleshoot and risk management.
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System Specifications for eTask Team app
Microsoft Office 365, Teams desktop app or browser
Teams users, including guest access

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