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Appvity is an international company with offices located in the US and Southeast Asia. We provide collaboration tools which are productivity products and services around Azure and Office 365 cloud platform.
Appvity has been solving complex problems in a variety of markets, including aviation, finance, insurance, petroleum, and others. Most of our customers have a long relationship where we demonstrated our ability to identify and address our clients' concerns by meeting their scheduling and budgetary needs. We are truly an extension of your virtual IT team. We are your partner.
Our products are built based on years of providing practical, real-world solutions and experience with collaboration platform such as SharePoint. We know your problems.
Appvity specializes in full cycle consulting from business analysis, design, development, and support. Our development service focuses on Office 365, Azure, and SharePoint platform. We developed automation workflow that ties together your data, documentation, and business process, running on both the cloud and on-premises. In addition, we also provide training, knowledge transfer, and documentation -- as an extension to your in-house IT department.
Our products are currently in private beta, and are planned to be generally available in late 2022.
Our products focus on collaboration within organization to improve enterprise productivity. We aimed to build collaborative tools to solve the daily works, issues, and to manage workload. Our products can work together to ensure the data and process working across all eProducts, to give a whole view better. Please check our eProduct Portfolio for further information.
Yes, they do. Our products are collaboration tools, and the data need to be updated on-live to make sure everything can approach others quickly; and they are based on Office 365 and Teams platform.
Please contact us using the online form on our web site, or send email to webmaster (at) appvity (dot) com.
Installation instruction to deploy eProducts to Microsoft Teams is available on our online documentation. Please refer to the “Admin Installation and Settings” section for completed detail.
There are several ways that you can troubleshoot your issues:
1. Sending issues to our eHelpdesk portal. (Recommended)
2. Using the online form on our web site, and send email to webmaster (at) appvity (dot) com.
3. Otherwise, looking for information in our Online Docs and Blogs while waiting for our replies.

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