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Every call needs to include these headers:

  • x-appvity-channel.
  • x-appvity-teamId.
  • Cookie.

These headers will help getting the right respond:

  • x-appvity-entityId.
  • x-appvity-groupId.

Error Codes

  1. 200 – 210 are successful response status. Most current APIs would return 200 or 202.
  2. 400 – 410 are error response status. 400 error will return with the message “Must run inside Microsoft Teams” if one of these headers is missing. 401 error will return when user do not have permission for the request.
  3. 500 response will show up for some certain exception errors.

Exception: My Tasks, My Bugs, My Projects is required x-appvity- entityId When the account is time out (Error), the response is still 200 and it will require user to log in their Microsoft account.


Currently eTask authenticates users via Azure AD, and it keeps authenticate session to client via cookie named graphNodeCookie. Every call to eTask API needs to include according cookie.


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