Welcome to Appvity!

Appvity consists of a team of Microsoft technology professionals that aspires to build applications that enables information professionals to work effectively while being anywhere in the world. We build products that leverage Azure and Office 365 cloud platform and are well-integrated with Microsoft Teams. Empower connection within enterprise, and collaboration between organizations.
At Appvity, we value collaboration as fast, clarity, and simplicity. Our products are built based on the principals that improving the data reliability and automation processing to strengthening the connection between people and save time. Appvity eProducts work on multiple devices to ensure users can keep track of their work anywhere, anytime.
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Our history

Why Appvity

With the experience over a decade, we pride ourselves in productize our experience through building applications which help to solve the collaboration issues in enterprise. We focus on building tools which leverage, extend, and are well-integrated with Microsoft Teams to enhance enterprise productivity.
Our design principles are guided by best practices. A deep understanding of technical architecture, simple design, strong attention to detail, and a competence test plan resulting in a faster, cleaner, and leaner solutions that will save you both time and money. Our products can adapt into multiple vertical industries and are extendable to grow with your process. From desktop to cloud and mobile applications, we work closely with our platform partners to understand the technology roadmap, and to future-proof our design.
We use our own products every day. We see the same problems that our clients see. We improve our products based on real-world usage and feedbacks.
Above all, we care!