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Appvity believes enterprise project management does not have to be complicated. We created small and simple apps that take care of your tasks, issues, and alerts within the Office 365 and Teams environment. Our apps allow teams to effectively work together without even being in the same office. Extend your cloud platform to be more productive and cost-effective!
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Product Portfolio

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A professional online task management tool which helps track works and create a strong collaboration between members within Microsoft Teams. Centralize tasks from multiple sources, customize workflow, fields and more.
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An issue management tool for your enterprise to keep track on customer’s problems. eHelpdesk ensures clear and reliable communication between customers and support team to increase your enterprise’s credibility.
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Appvity eProducts Architecture

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Build natively for trusted Microsoft Teams cloud platform

Every product of Appvity is built natively within Microsoft Teams to ensure the security, stability, and reliability as it is authenticated with O365. The main purpose is to provide collaborative tools deeply integrated with Microsoft Teams to increase your enterprise productivity. We aimed to provide tools for the whole enterprise business process, from small to large scale, to centralize and manage the most important information from a single view. Microsoft Teams is the preferred platform for communication, and along with Azure services, SharePoint, and Power Apps, our products provide the power and flexibilities to solve your most complex problems.

Automate work processes and repetitive tasks with Microsoft Power Automate

We understood that every process will be faster and more reliable with automation. That’s why we provide workflows which can be customized based on your business process to enhance your enterprise productivity. #PowerAutomate is a reliable workflow tool from Microsoft which is best suited for cloud-based applications. We learned from our experience with workflow tools that workflows need to be clear and easy to setup, but at the same time must be flexible enough to cover the complexity of mature process. Updating work items regularly, running extensive reports, or notifications of various status changes can be simply handled with Power Automate. Along with our product events architecture, companies can build and extend workflow configuration to match your enterprise unique requirements.

Manage daily works smarter with Appvity eBot

Appvity eBot is virtual assisstant which can access and manage your work items fast and easily. Retrieve or update your works information by giving commands with your finger tips and Appvity eBot will take care of the rest. You can access eBot at anywhere in eProducts and even in your personal page to get the work items from many channels. Improve enterprise productivity with least minimal human intervention.

Enhance your activity by power tools

Appvity believe that every application is stronger and more helpful if it can work with other applications. Our products can be extended with commonly used tool such as PowerShell or the REST APIs. Our products are built to be well integrated into the Microsoft’s framework, where our data and business logic can be driven from Office Application such as Excel, Power Apps, and others enterprise apps. The ability to work well within the Azure and Office eco system allows our client to build and extend their own applications while leveraging our product capabilities, results in tremendous saving in time and effort, while ensure quality throughout the system.
Large and comprehensive documentations and application notes on our PowerShell and REST APIs will get you started quickly on how to use our products.
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