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Introduction of Appvity eTask

eTask is a cloud-based application which is designed to provide the process of collaborating between members, teams, and companies. It can handle the following business cases:

  • Synchronizing data from various data sources in Microsoft Planner (Office 365) in Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps (Visual Studio Team Service), and Jira. And centralizing tasks into one view.
  • Provide Data mapping, and User mapping from various data sources above.
  • Providing Power Automate and customizing flows.
  • Sending Direct Message to a specific user for collaboration.
  • Generating dashboards and reports.
  • Extensible via PowerShell, and REST APIs.
  • Supporting on any device such as a Smartphone, Tablet, and Personal Computers that has a web browser and internet connection.
Introduction to eTask Introduction to eTask Introduction to eTask


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