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eTask installation


Before installing eTask in Microsoft Teams environment, the following information should be prepared for a smooth installation.

Items Information
Use AzureDevOps: Host name Token
Use Jira Host name Access account
Use Microsoft Planner Plan name Access account

These above items are required for synchronization between eTask and external sources.

Install eTask in Microsoft Teams App Channel

  • Select the Channel and click the + icon to add a new tab.
eTask Installation
  • Look for “eTask” in the search box and select eTask.
eTask Installation
  • If this is the first-time that user adds eTask to the Channel, or if eTask session has expired, user will need to sign in their O365 account.
  • Click to accept terms of service and Save.
eTask Installation
  • Configure and save eTask settings for the first time to finish adding eTask to the Channel.
eTask Installation eTask Installation eTask Installation


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