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eTask Custom Fields

By default, there are 8 deactivated custom fields are being offered.

  • Internal Name: Is the name that can be used when import data, and REST APIs.

  • Display Name: To be shown in Task Form, Grid, and other places in eTask system.

  • Description: A short description for the custom field.

  • Type – Currently, we are supporting 3 types of data:

    • Text

    • Choice

    • Date Time

  • Custom fields can be set to “Required” – to be required in task/bug form.

    • There is no need to set required for Single Choice fields.
  • Custom fields can be ordered to be shown in the following places: task/bug form, filter pane.

  • Custom fields can be set to “Visible” – to be shown in Task/bug form, Grid, and Filter. For import function, it allows to edit all custom fields even if they are deactivated.

  • If there are existing tasks/bugs, and then newly added custom fields is enabled, the enabled custom fields will be shown in:

    • Task/bug form: Empty value or unchecked.

    • Grid view: Empty values.

  • Visible custom fields will be shown in Show/Hide icon in Team Task and follow the order in settings.

eTask Custom Fields

Custom field edit form

eTask Custom Fields

Select a custom field to setup the following information:

  • Internal Name: showing “Internal name” of the selected custom field.

  • Type: showing “Type” of the selected custom field.

  • Based on:

    • Loading all existing custom fields which are being activated, same “Type”, and for both eTask and eBug.
    • Type in the input to open pop-up for keyword suggestion.
      eTask Custom Fields

      • The suggestion will show this information: Field Name, Team > Channel.

      • Sort by: Field Name – From A to Z.

    • When an existing custom field is being selected, the Field name, Description, Control Type, or Value will be copied as same as that existing custom field.

  • Field name (required field).

  • Description.

  • Data Type (required field):

    • Text:

      • Control type: Input text.

      • Value: limit 255 characters.

eTask Custom Fields

  • Choice:

    • Control types:

      • Single choice (Type):

        • Dropdown list.
        • Radio button.
      • Multiple choice (Check box).
    • Value: limit 8 items.

    • Order by: list items ordering.

    • Default: set 1 default value when loaded (for Single choice only, the Multiple choice will not have Default column).

    • Remove an item:

      • The default value of “Single choice” cannot be deleted.

      • Deleting an existing choice with existing tasks’ value may affect your data. If there is an existing item with a removed choice, the task still keeps the value unless you change it. So please be concerned when changing existing value.

    • Changing control types from Single choice to Multiple choice and vice versa:

      • When user changes the option from Single choice to Multiple, a pop-up form will be shown: “Some work items might have old values. Are you sure you want to change it?”.

        • Click “Yes” to take effect.

        • Click “No” to cancel.

      • After changing control type, the data in task/bug will be the same and:

        • On Grid View, the custom field will be shown the selected values.

        • On Task/Bug Form, the custom field will be empty (if the value is missing or unmatched with the settings) and showing the existing values in Settings.

        • So please be concerned when changing existing control type.

      • When user changes the option from Single choice to Multiple, the checkbox option will be kept the same value.

eTask Custom Fields

  • Date Time:

    • Control Types:

      • Date picker.

      • “Show time”: showing time selection.

eTask Custom Fields


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