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Excel Synchronization

  • Then the user’s Excel application (signed-in) within tenant will display the eTask in tool bar.
    eTask Excel Sync
    Connect to channel.
  • Insert the Domain name and the eTask API (administrator will provide it) and click “Getting Started” to load all the channels.
    eTask Excel Sync
  • A list of channels will be shown as below.
    eTask Excel Sync
  • After successfully connected to a channel, the following panel will be shown.
    eTask Excel Sync


  1. The administrator has to install the eTask add-in in O365 so the users in the same tenant can see the eTask Excel Sync function within Excel application.
  2. The administrator provides the API key and domain for the user to setup and access to channels.

Excel Sync Actions

Channel Mode

Switching between Task/Bug view.
eTask Excel Sync

Channel View

  • Loading all custom views of the channel.
    eTask Excel Sync
  • And select the number of task/bugs will be displayed in Excel.
    eTask Excel Sync
    eTask Excel Sync

Channel Detail

The actions provided:
eTask Excel Sync

  • Get items from eTask online: After selecting Channel Mode and then Channel View above, click on this button to load all task to excel grid on the left.
  • Reload items: To get all the items updated now.
  • Format table: Colorize the excel grid.
  • Review local changes: To beautify all the changes has been made in Excel application.
    eTask Excel Sync
  1. Synchronize changes.
  • After making changes, the eTask add-in will show these changes below, and user can synchronize 1 by 1 or sync all changes.
    eTask Excel Sync


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