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For every channel, you can create as many private views as you can. The private view allows you to personalize your work views within channel. Furthermore, you can share your private views with other members to ensure that everyone speaks on the same view. Creating a private with custom filter, share the view to specific people, and more.

eTask Task Private View


Creating a new private view by clicking on “+” button to start creating:

eTask Task Private View

Set up Config
For the List:

  • Insert Name.
  • Select default group by.
  • Arrange and select default shown columns.
  • Display how many items on 1 page.

For the Kanban:

  • Select default group by.

For the Gantt:

  • Select default group by.
  • Select default time frame to load.
    Note: the time frame is the default scope of work items for the Gantt display.

Set up Filter
Note: you can still change your filter after creating the private view.

  • Select the approriate filter by Dates.
  • Select the approriate properties.
    • For the Priority, Status, Phase, and Story: the value might need some time to synchronize from external source (if any).

eTask Task Private View

When all the required fields are filled, click “Save” to finish creating a private view.

Add Favorite

Adding your private view to float it on top and easy to access. The favorite view will always shown in origin, and cannot be hidden unless remove from favorite.

eTask Task Private View


Configure your private view again by clicking on “Configure” from action menu in view.


You can clone your favorite private/shared view and apply a little bit of customization for other purposes.

eTask Task Private View

For example, you having a view of Eric’s task view, and then you start filtering his “In-Progress” tasks. For the options:

  • Data with current filters: Apply the current view with the current filter (if you are filtering the custom view).
    • You will clone the new view with default is Eric’s task and status is “In-Progress”.
  • Original data: Only get the data with default custom view filter.
    • You will clone the new view with default is all Eric’s task.


Sharing your private view to specific people in the team.

eTask Task Private View

  • Click on left panel to select the people you want to share this view. Click “Add” to start sharing the view.
  • Click on right panel to select the people you want to unshare this view. Click “Remove” to stop sharing the view.
    Note: the user can remove your shared view on their side, when the user did that, they are no longer exist in right panel, you need to add them again to start sharing.


  • You private view will be permanently deleted once you delete it. You cannot recover or undo the action.
  • Deleting your private view will also remove from your team’s shared view. They cannot access to your view anymore.

eTask Task Private View


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